Vexed Generation: ‘ The Vexed Story’

Former science student, Adam Thorpe and graphics student Joe Hunter were bored of American streetwear and its influence on the UK. The duos designs were socially responsive, their philosophy was based on practical and political concerns within the urban generation such as protection against crime, pollution and identity theft. With this they designed products combining both form and function, “not promoting violence”-Joe Hunter.

Joe Hunter and Adam Thorpe

Thorough research lead them to realise that the government were keenly keeping an eye on the public with the use of CCTV.

There are more cameras watching in the UK than any other country, 1 camera to every 12/13 people.

Phishing: information is acquired through usernames, passwords and credit cards.

In 1994, they produced their most successful design, the VEXED parka, made from ballistic nylon and sourced through the Ministry of Defence.  It was an innovative design that was required to protect vital organs and body parts like the skull, kidneys and gential area.

Fabric: Schoeller fabric manufacturer both innovative and expensive.

The One Strap Rucksack 1994

They have joined with Puma, Louis Vuitton and Nokia

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