Presentations 1960s to 00s

During the second week we were divided into groups to discuss and present a particular decade. Below I have noted the aspects which I found most interesting.




  • Subcultures: Skinheads
  • Designers: Laura Ashley, Diane Von Furstenburg
  • Fashion trends: 3 piece suit, mohawks, facial hair such as, side burns, beards



  • David Bowies commercial music- ‘Lets Dance’
  • Music: softer, pop, electronic
  • MTV introduced
  • Run DMC: chains, earrings, trainers
  • Fashion trends: Big hair, shoulder pads, acid wash denim, DIY, bright colours, headwear
  • Women became more powerful



  • Fashion trends: dark denim, minimal, natural colours
  • That ‘Versace dress’ (safety pins)
  • Designers: Calvin Klein, Chanel
  • Sub-cultures: Grunge, Chavs (shellsuits, Burberry prints), football yobs, scallies
  • Music: R’n’B, pop, garage, dance



  • Fashion trends: the ‘mash-up’ decade (no new inventions), Boho chic, Urban, Preporaty ‘Prep’, Lolita (Harijuki of Japan), girlie (ruffles, frills, sequins), Rock ‘n’ Roll, denim, cargo, leopard print, maxi dresses, faux fur
  • Designers: Narciso Rodriguez, Christopher Bailey
  • Saddam Hussein captured, 2004 Tsunami, increase in petrol prices, swine flu.

My Presentation: 1960s sub-culture

1960’s Subculture


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