1990s Junglist

A term which was developed in ‘Jungle’ West Kingston, Jamaica which emerged from the Rude boy and Gangsta sub-cultures.

Bob Marley Concrete Jungle (1973) which spoke about the troubles of living in West Kingston.

The ‘Jungle’ homed junglist who were against the law and it was a culture which travelled to the UK in the 1990s amongst the many Jamaicans living there.

In the UK the ‘junglist’ sub-culture took off with a rise in MC’s whose music in the form of drum and bass was an alternatice to acid house.


On first meeting with a ‘junglist’ there is was no distinctive style associated with the sub-culture. It would ahve been a case of hearing their choice of music or allowing them to MC.

Junglist would smoke cannabis and graffiti.

Ali G In da House 2002

Film Ali G: In Da House portrayed the ‘apparent’ image of junglists.


Jungle music was primarily played on pirate radio stations but eventually slipped into mainstrem.

General Levy Incredible was the most played ‘junglist’ track and he popularised the word ‘boyaka’, which in Jamaica generally signifies the sound of a gun shot.

General Levy, BBC

UK Apache & Shy FX Original nuttah

UK Apache

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