1990s Teeny Boppers

A sub-culture which was mainly associated with girls who fantasied of many situations such as marriage with particular idols.

Screaming fans, D.Lee 2012

It intially started in the 1960s when the musicians, bands, TV personalities became popular and continued througout the decades.

My first encounter with a ‘teeny bopper’ was in the 90s when I discovered my sister had a ‘love’ for the boyband of the moment..New Kids On The Block.Often she would listen to their music, wear t-shirts, bracelets and any other merchandise she could get her hands on. She also had her own favourite member, Joey.

New Kids On The Block (NKOTB) Step By Step 1990

Boybands generally consisted of 3 to 5 good looking boys, some could sing others not so much. Yet they were adored by millions of screaming teenage girls whic each had their favourite. If another girl they knew tried to claim the ‘one’ they liked it could have ended in a verbal or physical war!

Moving into my teenage years and maybe NOT having the best example set by my older siblings (my other sister loved New Edition in th 80s!!), I turned to the Backstreet Boys for my ‘teeny bopping’ era despite earlier being a ‘tomboy’.

Backstreet Boys, Fan Pop

I listened to their musical continuously, knew the words of every song more than my actual studies and went to every concert. However, I was ‘FORCED’ into this subculture…there was no escape.

N'Sync, Take 40

At the same time as the Backstreet Boys, another group N’Sync existed and the two were always compared to one another and at most times in competition with each other thanks to the media, eg. BSB signed to Coca Cola, N’Sync to Pepsi. This competiton also existed between me and all my classmates in the same position –

Me: ” Backstreet sing and dance better”

Classmate:  ” No N’Sync are soooo much better”

Of course like everyone else I had my favourite, the cute blonde one, Nick Carter who everybody else like but in my mind he was mine and belonged to nobody else. I even cut my hair like his…..as much as I know you are dying to see pictures Joe, I dont have any… As I keep telling myself!

To my mothers dismay my bedroom was covered in posters. At one point there was not a space on the walls neither the ceiling, if there was there was sure to be some magazine on sell with a poster inside.

My room was just like this, Teenie Boppers

After months of annoying my mother I persuaded her to let me paint a shrine of the Backstreet Boys on my wall. Eventually she agreed, as I was using my talents and the last remaining brain cells I had. The painting stayed on my wall for years but was painted over as the group disappeared and I grew out of my adolescence.

Other artists

Britney Spears

Chrisitna Aguilera


NKOTB Right Stuff 1988, Hangin’ Tough 1989

Backstreet Boys Get Down 1996

N’Sync Tearin’ Up My Heart 1998

Oh and I do remember standing in a queue for 5 hours to meet the men of my dreams! and when I did I cried and was consoled by Nick my future husband!

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