2000s Floggers

A sub-culture which emerged in Argentina in the 21st century. It developed from Glam rock and a mixture of other trends.

It is based upon a the new idea of social networking which people set up photo blogs and post pictures of themselves and friends on Fotolog.

Argentina holds 5.5 million users, one of the largest nations to use the site.

The social netwotk site

Buenos Aires, the capital city has 4,460,296 registered users alone. The city has a population of 13.9 million people. Fotolog.com

‘Flogging’ has become a quick rise to stardom for users. The more comments made, the more popular the ‘flogger’ becomes.

14 year old Marco Emiliano Colom, The Guardian 2009

All my friends want to be famous or on TV. I think that’s one of the appeals of photo logging, it gives people the chance to be recognised. Young people in Argentina are seriously into celebrity”- Marco Emiliano Colom, The Guardian

Augustina Vivero, the most poular flogger in Argentina

Bright hair, Augustina Vivero, Fotolog

Floggers such as Marco and Augustina have been gifted modelling contracts and been hosts at nightclubs despite their young ages (floggers are around 12-18 years).

Floggers are generally from a middle to upper class background as only they can afford to have computers at home and buy branded clothing frequently.

In recent years Floggers have become more socially aware due to the increase on attacks against Floggers.


Fluorescent colours, Fotolog.com

Asymmetric hair cuts

Skinny, candy coloured pants, Culturas Urbanas

  • tight, candy-coloured pants (men and women)
  • hoodies
  • V-neck t-shirts
  • canvas/ skate sneakers
  • over-sized sunglasses


Electronic, House

Floggers dancing on Talento Argentino 2009

While living in Argentina I did notice that the majority of people are accustomed to the wanting the life of a celebrity. The media focuses on everything that is fake and perceived as ‘beautiful’.

Though it appears Argentineans are living in a bubble, it may have been pushed upon them by the media leading to their own self promotion through sites such as Fotolog.com

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