British Style Genius Part 1

The video explores looks and trends which define British style from catwalk to high street.

In the UK the majority of fashion is purchased on the high street and high-end fashion is inspired to the elite.

The biggest provided of high street fashion is Topshop which belongs to the Arcadia Group. They remain one of the most successful in this fast paced environment because they provide looks straight from the catwalk but at affordable prices.

Collaborations with high fashion designers and models have increased their success, knowing what the public want and responding to it.

The Topshop Loves Kate Moss collections proved to be successful because she was a high profile model whom many young people aspired to be in both life and style.

Kate moss posing in Topshop for collection launch,

  • The launch of the collection saw Kate Moss posing as a mannequinn in the window of Topshops flagship store on Oxford Street. Many fans gathered outside to get a glimpse of the model.

Though Topshop leads the way it was originally Mary Quant in the 60s who inspired the idea of ‘teenage-wear’. Then it was non-existent and she used the then rare PVC in her designs. 2009


Ozzie Clark 2008

” …not interested in the cost of a garment but how it makes the wearer feel”- Ossie Clark

Ossie the ‘master cutter’ a succesful designer of the 60s he collaborated with Celia Birtwell who was a print designer. His catwalks consisted of loud music and dancing models.

Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell 2008



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