The talk with  Zowie Broach from Boudicca was both inspiratonal and fulfilling.  She stated that it was okay to think of subjects which have no relation to fashion or art.

Zowie and Brian, Explore Research B 2011

The duo who both studied at Middlesex Polytechnic, established Boudicca the label in 1997. In 2002 they showed their first collection at London Fashion Week.

The company was named after mythical figure and female warrior queen Boudicca (Boadicea) of the Iceni people in Eastern England. She was the one that made political decisions without the presence of men.

Queen Boudicca, Bookish 2011

Autumn/Winter2006, 2006

“We are driven by ideas not money….pure creative drive”- Zowie Broach, March 2012.

Autumn/Winter 2004, 2004

The designers have filed for bankruptcy on several occasions. After doing a few catwalk shows they realised the expense of displaying their clothes for a few minutes. They have and are still considering others ways to maintain the staying power of the brand.

Wode: The fragrance

Wode fragrance, A,Frost 2008

The idea behind the fragrance which sprays blue but quickly disappears related back to Queen Boadicea.

The warrior and her tribe would paint themselves in a cobalt blue paint giving them a mythical look when going to battle.

Queen Boudicca covered in blue, J, Bratton 2009

Queen Boadicea killed herself after defeat to the Romans by swallowing the hemlock which is an extract from Wode.

Wode spray cans, A, Frost 2008

The fragrance comes in a spray can and when it touches the clothes or skin it is a vibrant blue but eventually it fades and leaves only the scent.

Wode on my skin, 2012

as it disappears....


Zowie finished the talk by stating that its important that as designers in a competitive industry its necessary to fcous on strengths and what we WANT to do as designers.


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