British Style Genius: Part 5

British Street Style

The Teddy Boys

In 1954 a sub-culture called the Teds existed.

Teddy Boys 2011

They came before the Rock ‘n’ Roll era and wore long jackets dressed in an Edwardian style.


  • crepe sole shoes
  • wore drain pipes which had to be both 15 inches wide and the hem and knee
  • jackets with velvet collars and cuffs
  • Oxford gentlemen
  • taken on by selling black market goods
  • classed as hooligan
  • carried flick knifes which became symbolic
  • embraced Wild West Style
  • listened to American music
  • bright coloured socks


The Mods

The Mods were clean cut and subtle regarding rebellion. They remained well-dressed while working.


Mods were inspired by French cinema, Jazz and ‘la dolce vita’

They were often seen driving around on scooters.

Typical Mod scooter,

Style paid very careful attention to detail. Trousers had a low fit with frog mouth pockets and the trouser hems had to be longer than front. It was common for Mods to refuse to let people know where they purchased their clothes from.

A popular brand choice for Mods was Fred Perry as he created breathable garments because they did not likre to sweat. 2009



Influenced by American astronauts, they wore regimental battle-wear.

They wore Levi jeans, Dr Martens, braces,  ginghm button-down shirts, mohair suits with hankerchiefs and tartan. The size of the tartan worn determined the status in a skinhead crew.

Their style was influenced by the arrival of the Windrush ship from the Caribbean which brought in  West Indians to do labour work. They came wearing porkie pie hats.

The short hair was a style statement which often meant short tempers.


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